Water is essential for health and vital for all bodily functions. If water losses are not replaced then dehydration can occur and even mild dehydration is associated with negative effects on health including impaired cognitive function. Studies in schoolchildren have found that many are arriving at school with a hydration deficit and, once they arrive, they are not drinking enough fluid throughout the day to maintain adequate hydration levels, thus potentially affecting their performance at school. Therefore, there is a need to highlight the importance of adequate hydration among schoolchildren. However, there is often confusion among parents, carers, health professionals and teachers about how much fluid children need to drink, as well as what drinks are most appropriate. This article provides a summary of the development of the Healthy hydration guide for children that was produced to help parents, carers, health professionals and teachers, and indeed children themselves, to choose a healthy balance of drinks to ensure optimal performance and health. It is hoped this resource will help children aged 4–13 years to establish healthy drinking behaviours.