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Human Hydration, Health and Performance Conference 2014

Between 6th and 8th April, the EHI hosted its 2014 Human Hydration, Health and Performance Conference in Castle Combe, UK. The event brought together 17 invited experts from seven countries to discuss and debate the body of evidence regarding the importance of hydration for our health and well being.

The supplement produced from the conference can be accessed by clicking this link.

Below you will find video recordings of the conference sessions.

4th Hydration Network Meeting

Please find below videos from the 4th Hydration Network Meeting, which took place in Barcelona in June 2013.

Featured here are 6 in-depth expert interviews from the 4th Hydration Network Meeting which took place in Barcelona in 2013.

3rd Hydration Network Meeting

The EHI’s third Hydration Network Meeting was held on September 13th in Verona (Italy). The meeting was hosted by Prof. Claudio Maffeis, paediatrician and gastroenterologist from the University of Verona, and member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the EHI. This annual meeting organized by the EHI, brought together experts in hydration from across Europe, with the aim of encouraging networking and discussion about this important topic.

Approximately 50 invited researchers and healthcare professionals, with different backgrounds and professional interests, attended the meeting, resulting in a very productive exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences.

The meeting was opened by Prof. Ronald Maughan, from the University of Loughborough (UK), and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of the EHI, who stressed the importance of such discussion forums to foster debate and to exchange key learning in hydration science and education. Three keynote presentations followed, given by Prof. Simon Thornton – UHP, Nancy (France), Prof. Giovanni Montini – University of Bologna (Italy), and Dr. Hans Braun – German Sport University, Cologne (Germany). Two major EHI funded research projects were presented by Prof. Ronald Maughan and Prof. Dileep Lobo, their respective scientific leaders, and the research approach and aims were discussed with the audience.”