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Publicaciones científicas

Significant and serious dehydration does not affect skeletal muscle cramp threshold frequency.

OBJECTIVE: Many clinicians believe that exercise-associated muscle cramps (EAMC) occur because of dehydration. Experimental research supporting this theory is lacking. Mild hypohydration (3% body mass loss) does not alter threshold frequency (TF), a measure of [...]

Beverage and water intake of healthy adults in some European countries.

Abstract Introduction: Nutritional surveys frequently collect some data of consumption of beverages; however, information from different sources and different methodologies raises issues of comparability. The main objective of this review was to examine the available [...]

Improving hydration in children: A sensible guide

Water is essential for health and vital for all bodily functions. If water losses are not replaced then dehydration can occur and even mild dehydration is associated with negative effects on health including impaired cognitive [...]

Influence of progressive fluid restriction on mood and physiological markers of dehydration in women

The present study evaluated, using a well-controlled dehydration protocol, the effects of 24 h fluid deprivation (FD) on selected mood and physiological parameters. In the present cross-over study, twenty healthy women (age 25 (se 0·78) [...]