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Publicaciones científicas

What do athletes drink during competitive sporting activities?

Although expert groups have developed guidelines for fluid intake during sports, there is debate about their real-world application. We reviewed the literature on self-selected hydration strategies during sporting competitions to determine what is apparently practical [...]

What is the safe approach for neonatal hypernatremic dehydration?: a retrospective study from a neonatal intensive care unit.

OBJECTIVES: The aims of this study were to evaluate the prevalence, complications, and mortality of hypernatremic dehydration in neonates and to compare the effect of correction rate at 48 hours on mortality and on neurological [...]

The medicinal use of water in renal disease.

Although water is essential for life, its use for medicinal purposes is not universally accepted. We performed a comprehensive review of the literature to determine where the evolving state of knowledge lies regarding the benefits [...]